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Lahaina Family Farms has hosted hundreds of volunteers from all over the world. We are a member of


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Guest Comments

   "Thank you Tim! I very much appreciate your gereroussity and kindness."  

 "The first time I saw it, it was a rocky mud hill, now transformed into a spiritual organic retreat. Quite something, well done you both." 

"Tim, I signed in for the newsletter and became a underground weather member. Loved your site! Can't wait to see you both. 

 Lahaina Family Farms is a project of epic proportion. The all inclusive Moyer family has a vision of living gently on the land. This vision's foundation is sustainable organic farming and an apparent deep respect for life.  Creating the infrastructure for this to occur has taken five years and is ongoing. The best way to see this phenomenon is to arrange a tour.  My group of tourists learned of the back breaking work removing the invasive nonnative species such as Kiawe and dense shrub ground cover.  Native species such as Uhaloa and Pua Kala are flourishing in their place. Organic farming, aquaponic gardening, solar power, raising worms, trail building, and education are amongst the many ongoing projects. 

 Hey guys!! So glad to here from you, I reaaaally hope you are doing fine! I saw on the FB page that a lot of things have been changing and I hope its for the best! (BTW, its so nice that you “transformed” the farm into a yoga center.) I really miss you guys and there is not a week that goes by that I don’t think of my time on the farm with Léa!!! I will take the time this week to check out your website and help you moving forward. And for sure, I have been talking about your farm for the past year and a half (can’t believe its been a year and a half).

"We visited Lahaina Family Farms last week.  Great tour.  Great people.  Amazing views of Hawaii's spectacular ocean.  We loved this family's goals and spirit.  If you've ever longed to go to Hawaii and throw your efforts into a conservation opportunity and live for a while in paradise, make sure you research the Lahaina Family Farms on Maui!"

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Lahaina Family Farms

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